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Tomorrow Obama will have an online town hall on healthcare, and will give responses to the most popular videos.  We can make Obama talk about the role of animal product consumption on our health.

Let’s address the causes, not just the symptoms.  And let’s address global warming, the environment, resource scarcity and hunger while we’re at it ….

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Meat Free Monday

Hello readers, sorry I’ve been out of the loop – I’m still alive!

Paul McCartney recently used his starpower to launch a “Meat Free Monday” campaign in the UK.  Seems like its really been catching fire in the news, and on blogs.  It’s facebook page – Meat Free Mondays , just broke 2,000 followers, and it’s wall is regularly updated.  Seems like a great place to find other like-minded supporters and related content.  Please support it!

According to Food for Change:  In the US the Meatless Monday idea has been around for a while, it’s always been about health in the past, but they’ve just updated their website and the focus seems to have shifted – now the aims are to reduce Americans’ meat consumption 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.

Here’s some great concluding insight:

….Friends of the Earth speedily sent out a press release this week to say they “welcomed the Meat Free Mondays initiative… but are urging the Government to change the way meat and dairy are produced to tackle the damaging environmental and social impacts of intensive production”. There is a place for Government lobbying, but how can we ask the Government to act before we can show we really care about this? Changing our consumer behaviour is about creating change by changing demand, but also about proving our committment to the Government, so they will change their policies too.

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