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A great multilingual, international initiative to raise awareness of the impact of livestock and meat production on the environment, global warming and world hunger.  Please sign the Global “Meat Free” Petition!  Help establish a national “meat free” day in your country!

From the site:

You might be asking yourself, why do we have to petition governments to declare a “Meat Free” day? That’s simple. Let’s look at Ghent, Belgium for example. Government officials in Ghent have shown leadership and recognized the importance of promoting vegetarianism as a solution to addressing climate change and have thus declared a “veggie” only day – every week; clearly their stance is raising awareness and promoting the many benefits that a plant based diet has on the environment – not to mention on human health.

Facebook group:  “Meat Free” Days – Vote & Set a Global Governmental Trend – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109725730676&ref=ts


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