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Livestock or People?

“More than 20 million people and 12 million head of livestock are short of drinking water… The choice of whether to use water for people or farming is becoming more difficult.” – From CCTV (China’s national television station)

Video:  http://bit.ly/ceDmgz

“In observance of World Water Day, PETA Germany placed this aqueous installation on the sidewalk of Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz to remind people that it takes 4,000 liters of water to produce one steak, while it only takes 1,100 liters to grow a vegan enough food for a whole day. Read more here:  http://bit.ly/cHxEqT

Video:  http://bit.ly/9sk4N5

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I am convinced that the connection has been established.  Do we really need to prove the connection anymore?

I will focus future blog posts on ideas, strategies on transitioning to a more plant-based / vegetarian diet.  I believe that is what we all need to hear.

We can debate, discuss, analyze this topic to death – but I think we have all the proof we need.

If you already are vegetarian or vegan, or transitioning to a more plant-based diet what is important for those who want to eat less meat/dairy , to consider?

I find that the best way to start eating more vegetarian food, is to simply be around people who share the same concerns and values about the health of people and of this planet.

Cook.  Share creative ways to cook veggies and make soups and quick vegetarian lunch ideas.  Start with one meal a day that is completely vegetarian.   Discuss your concerns.  Tell other people of your progress.  Spread  your enthusiasm to your friends and family.  Wow them with an amazing dish for Thanksgiving, a potluck or Christmas.  Talk about the issues.  Heathcare, self-care.  Climate change and the impact of the livestock industry.  We have all the proof we need…

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MP Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Union decided to go vegetarian because of the impact of meat production on global warming. In December, he invited Paul McCartney to speak at the EU, along with the Chair of the Intergov. Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri.

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