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As you may have noticed – I’ve kinda disappeared for a while.  While I’ve been updating twitter on occasion (@priceofmeat) , this blog has been neglected.

However, I’ve been busy 🙂

One of my employers – since January, has been Nature’s Express.  A vegan fastfood restaurant.  Pretty cool eh?

While I can’t say I can now easily cook-up a hearty vegan meal for all my friends, I have been encouraged to cook more for myself, and have learned a few ways to add more excitement to my meals.

For example, there is a vegan cheese called DAIYA which is absolutely amazing.  You must try it.  More and more groceries are offering it.

Making a sandwich or burger with a range of sauces (try a cilantro pesto, spicy chipotle, homemade ketchups) – helps keep food interesting.  There are tons of recipes online.  Vegan mayo is also amazing.

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