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Love this video.  Seriously one of the most entertaining, laugh-out-loud videos I’ve seen in a while.  “Vegan Black Metal Chef” shows us how to make pad thai, to the tune of a head banging black metal voice and tune.  I’m so going to make it this weekend!

It’s worth watching just to see his knife, his explanation for cutting tofu, the head banging and to know what “steams of Satan” is referring to.

Serious inspiration for Meatfree Mondays.

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I’ve been hearing that this is a powerful documentary which examines the claim that rejecting or minimizing a diet of animal-based or processed foods will prevent degenerative diseases.  We’d also save billions of dollars in ever-increasing healthcare costs.  This would free our government to focus more on fighting the increasingly urgent issue of climate change!  Check out the website http://www.forksoverknives.com/

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